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Jidong Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a foreign trading company 100% invested by Japan Jidong Trading Co., Ltd. Since its establishment in 1997, after more than 10 years, it has always adhered to the corporate motto of "people, technology and trust", aiming to meet the supply requirements of domestic and international customers in China, and has established a relationship of mutual trust with customers. We have 3 business branches, 1 office in China, and 7 affiliated companies invested by Japan Jidong Trading Co., Ltd. Mainly for the auto parts industry, mobile phone digital camera and other home appliance industries, steel, chemical, machinery and mold processing industries to provide chemical products and their raw materials, sales of equipment and devices required for production, processing, and pollution detection, and to handle related import and export business. . In addition, according to the needs of domestic customers, we are also actively introducing international advanced technology and raw materials, and strive to achieve localized production. At the same time, we are improving the comprehensive logistics system at the branch.

The technology, products and services that meet the needs of customers are our eternal goals, and it is our mission to continuously learn and hone in daily business in order to achieve a higher business level.


Company overview

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Kyokuto Trading (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.

Kyokuto Trading (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.

Date of establishment May 12, 1997
address Room 2203, Hongjia Building, No. 388, Fushan Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
Chairman Yoshikawa Tadashi
General manager Cui Dongming
Registered capital $1,700,000 (as of December 2014)
funder Kyokuto Trading Co., Ltd. (100% capital from the Japanese headquarters)
number of workers 32 (as of December 2014)
Business Scope International trade and entrepot trade; intra-regional trade, intra-regional trade agency and trade consulting; simple commercial processing; chemical industry and its related products (dangerous chemicals are limited to the business scope permitted by the dangerous goods license), semiconductor materials and products, machinery and appliances and electrical equipment and its parts, optical photographic and metrological inspection equipment and its parts, plastics and its products, carbon fiber products, glass and its products, steel and its products, base metals and their products, textile raw materials and products ( (except cotton) wholesale, commission agency (except auction), import and export, provide technical support, technical consultation, technical services and other related supporting services for the above products. (If it does not involve commodities under state-run trade management, but if it involves commodities under quota and license management, the application shall be processed in accordance with relevant state regulations; those involved in administrative licensing shall operate with a permit)
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Bank of China Dongchang Road Sub-branch

MUFG Bank Tokyo UFJ Bank (China) Shanghai Branch

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (China) Co., Ltd.

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