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"Airtight and Waterproof Performance Tester" WPC series products adopt the "crooked" measurement method, which is a technology independently developed and invented by "HAMRON TEC CO., LTD.". For small sealed electronic products, the airtight and waterproof performance tester has many excellent features and is a product with trans-generational significance. 100% of Japanese watch brand manufacturers use WPC for product air tightness testing. Become a true professional industry standard testing machine. In addition, "Airtight and Waterproof Performance Tester" is also widely used in the leak test of various waterproof and airtight products such as waterproof mobile phones, waterproof digital cameras, waterproof cameras, etc. The cumulative sales of WPC series products has exceeded 5,000 units so far. Our goal is to be able to be a good assistant for the customer's effective proposal and planning for solving the "leak test" problem.

The excellent reliability of WPC (Crooked "Sag, Deformation" method), which has been proven in the watch industry, is suitable for various electronic products. This equipment is also known as "Deviated Waterproof Tester" and "IP7/IP8 Waterproof Tester"
Its 3 major features are:

Introduction to WPC:
(1) The operation mode can be selected from 2 types of automatic and semi-automatic.
(2) This machine is equipped with an external connection communication function to realize the simultaneous operation of multiple machines.  
(3) There is no need to make tedious adjustments to the tested object and the inside of the testing machine, and the whole machine of the duplex structure electronic product can be tested.  
(4) It has excellent low-voltage performance, and can correspond to the measured object of thin and soft material.  
(5) It is equipped with a variety of adjustable strain function settings.
(6) Compared with other test methods, this machine has excellent [stability] and [operability], and has unparalleled [practicality].  
(7) It can effectively use space and build a reasonable production line.
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