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We sell and provide conductive silver paste (Dotite®), electromagnetic shielding coatings and adhesives from Fujikura Chemical Co., Ltd. of Japan.
With the rapid development of IT industries such as computers and mobile phones, Fujikura Kasei's conductive silver paste "Dotite?" has maintained a world-leading market share due to its reliable quality. "Dotite?" as a synonymous product in the field of electronic materials, plays an important role in various fields such as printed circuit boards, laminated circuit boards, crystal oscillators, electronic components, IC cards, and EL (electroluminescence).
A printed circuit board
XA-824、FA-545 Silver through hole
XA-436、XC-223 jumper
FC-403R contact
flexible loop
FA-323/FA-353N/XA-602N Flexible conductor
SN-8400G、XB-114、FH-889 Functional materials for flexibility
FA-353N IC card
FEL-190、FEL-615、FEL-198 electroluminescent disc
Conductive silver paste for touch screen
A-3284、FA-401CA、FA-310CA Touch screen electrode circuit
XB-3146、SN-8400C Touch screen insulating ink
XB-3151、SN-8400C Touch screen blocking point
XB-3131、XB-114 Adhesive for touch screen sticking
conductive bonding
XA-819A、FA-730、XA-519B crystal oscillator oscillator
SA-2024 Ceramic oscillator
XA-874、XA-910 Surface actual installation
SA-2024 Bonding of thin parts
XA-220MV Liquid crystal display element
D-753、A-3/C-3 General Parts
conductive paint
FN-101、FE-107 Electromagnetic wave shielding
XC-12、XC-32、SH-3A electrostatic shield
D-362、D-500、D-550 General purpose
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