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In November 2011, Jidong Trading Co., Ltd. wholly acquired Japan's Sunco Spring Co., Ltd.

※About acquisition announcement (Japanese):

Japan SUNCO SPRING Co., Ltd. was established in November 1960. The main products are divided into two parts:

1. CONSTON® brand constant force spring and its components;

2. Star wheel used for grinding crystal, ceramics, sapphire, etc.

Jidong Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. started in 2012 and became the general agent of Sunco Spring's products in China.



Our main products are:

Constant load spring "CONSTON" and its components, clockwork springs and their components, various leaf springs made of stainless steel and non-ferrous alloys, spring balancers, various electronic components, and other appliances that apply springs, etc.

Company homepage:

Product inquiry:

Please inquire: Jidong Trading Shanghai Company / Mr. Sun

Tel: 021-6841-2066 ext. 115; Mobile: 138-1898-1374; Email:


Introduction of CONSTON® brand imported constant force spring and imported cruise star


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