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Grinding star wheel

Installed on special grinding equipment, as a grinding fixture, it is mainly used for grinding artificial crystals, and is an indispensable consumable.

In industrial production, the grinding of glass, ceramics, sapphire, silicon wafer, metal, etc. is also widely used. Due to the diversity of products,

The material, specifications and dimensions of the grinding star wheel also change accordingly.

Grinding star wheel material


The size of the cruise ship is 2B-32B, and the thickness of the cruise ship ranges from 0.03-6.00mm.

For details, please link to the following webpage:

Grinding star wheels can be used in the following industries:

Crystal chip grinding in the quartz component industry, sapphire grinding for LED substrates and watches, ceramic chip grinding for heat sinks and piezoelectric industries,

Silicon wafer grinding in the semiconductor industry, etc.

In the Japanese quartz component industry, our products have a market share of 80%,

Some large enterprises and high-end products in China also use our products and are also very well-known in China.

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