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Rust remover (acidic and weak acid)

HYPROS rust remover series products can not only be used for wire cutting electrical discharge machining

The finished workpiece is derusted, and it is also best for removing red rust from components.

It has an excellent effect of inhibiting corrosion and discoloration of important parts.



HYP-R1S Impregnating Rust Remover

● A dipping rust remover with rapid rust removal and stable corrosion inhibition.
● Odorless and non-irritating.
● Use with water diluted 1-10 times.

● After dipping, it can be rinsed with water, and the acid solution remaining on the workpiece can be easily removed.      

● Even if the soaking time is too long, the workpiece is not easy to change color.

Packaging: 6L, 20L optional


HYP-R2S Wipe Rust Remover

● Most suitable for rust removal of larger workpieces.
● Wipe and remove rust for workpieces that cannot be dipped and removed.

● Can easily remove the adhering sludge in the wire EDM.

● It can be degreasing and rust removing directly.

Packaging: 6L, 20L optional


HYP-R3 Environmentally friendly weak acid rust remover

● Environmentally friendly weak acid rust remover.

● Can inhibit the outflow of copper ions.  

● Can be used on copper and brass products.

Packaging: 6L, 20L optional



Anti-rust oil

HYPROS anti-rust oil products can be used for copper, brass products, and also

Professional rust preventive oil for cast iron.



HYP-N-CU Antirust Oil

● Anti-rust oil for copper and brass.
● <Class 4, Class 3 Petroleum>

Packaging: 20L



HYP-N500 Water-displacing oil-based rust inhibitor

● Anti-rust oil for steel and cast iron.

● <Category 4 and 3rd petroleum>

Packaging: 16L



Water-soluble rust inhibitor

Water-soluble rust inhibitor is most suitable for acid solution neutralization after pickling.

It is the best product for short-term rust prevention during operation.




HYP-W25 Water-soluble rust inhibitor

● Water-soluble rust inhibitor that can be used for general metals.

● It can be diluted with 30 times of water, which is more economical.

● Capable of suppressing the outflow of cemented carbide and cobalt.

Packaging: 20L



HYP-W50 Water-soluble neutralizing rust inhibitor

● The most suitable water-soluble rust inhibitor for steel and stainless steel.

● It can be diluted with 30 times of water, which is more economical.

● It can be used for neutralization and rust prevention after pickling, and the neutralization time is 15S.

Packaging: 20L



Pore EDM Fluid/Electric Discharge Machining Oil

Electrical discharge machining oil HYP-ED1002 is a high flash point electrical discharge machining oil.

Pore EDM fluid is easily soluble in water and can be used according to equipment conditions.

Use after diluting 10-20 times with water. Effectively suppresses fineness after use

copper ions produced by the hole electrode. Inhibit the occurrence of copper ions, then

Delay electrode blackening.



HYP-ED1002 Electric Discharge Machining Oil

● Has excellent cooling, thermal conductivity and acid resistance.

● No irritation to the skin, operators can use it with confidence.

● Colorless and odorless, the ignition point is as high as 106℃, and the viscosity is 2.2 (40℃mm㎡/s), so you can use it with confidence.

Packaging: 20L, 200L optional



HYP-FH1 fine hole electric discharge machining fluid

● Can suppress copper ions generated from copper electrodes, so the processing fluid will not turn green.

● Improve the processing speed, and the processing surface is clean, so it is not easy to break, rust, electrical corrosion, etc.

● It can be diluted with 10-20 times of water, which is very economical.

● During processing, the processing fluid is not easy to produce foam.

Packaging: 20L



Maintenance series of wire-cut electrical discharge machines

Regularly keeping the wire EDM clean is the same as guaranteeingThe high precision of the processing equipment, so it is very important to keep the equipment clean

important. HYPROS Cleaning Series for Wire EDMs 10 Complete points.



HYP-AD3 Antirust Additive

● The anti-rust additive applied in wire cutting process will not produce white crystals.

● Can effectively prevent electrical corrosion and rust in electrical machining.

● It can soften the dirt adhering to the processing tank and the inside of the piping.

Packaging: 6L, 20L optional



HYP-SFC Sludge Foam Cleaner

● This product is a hard mousse cleaning agent, which will not drop or mix with the processing fluid.

● Can be wiped repeatedly and fully.

● It is most suitable for cleaning the open wire nozzle and surrounding parts and the sludge adhered to the fine parts around the buoy.

Packaging: 420ml




HYP-DGC Diamond Wire Nozzle Cleaning Fluid

● Easy to wipe clean without disassembling the diamond guide wire.

● Equipped with a special hose, which can be simply sprayed into the guide nozzle for cleaning.

Packaging: 300ml



HYP-ECW Grease type rust preventive oil

● After applying this product before processing, it can inhibit the rust and electrical corrosion of the workpiece.

● The screw is coated with this product to prevent the adhesion of fine sludge.

● It also has a lubricating effect when the screws are tightened.

Packaging: 500g



HYP-ECC spray type rust inhibitor

● After using this product before processing, it can inhibit the rust and electrical corrosion of the workpiece.

● After smearing the parts that are prone to electrical corrosion around the conductive block (the conductive parts cannot be smeared), it can prevent electrical corrosion.

Packaging: 420ml


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