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Solvent adsorption recovery device provided by Japan Toho Chemical Construction Corporation
Equipment classification:

1. Large-scale solvent recovery equipment Solvent recovery and deodorization equipment using high-performance activated carbon fibers (ACF)
2. Small-scale solvent recovery plant Small-scale solvent recovery plant using activated carbon fiber (ACF)
3. High boiling point solvent recovery equipment High boiling point (above 150℃) solvent recovery equipment
4. High-efficiency solvent recovery equipment The solvent concentration recovered by this equipment can be as high as 99.9%
5. Low-concentration solvent recovery equipment Equipment that can recover solvents in low-concentration/large air volume exhaust gas
6. Concentrated combustion type deodorization equipment is a device that concentrates low-concentration organic exhaust gas and has the function of purifying and deodorizing organic substances in the exhaust gas during combustion

Application of activated carbon fiber
Solvent adsorption recovery system equipment

This device is an exhaust gas treatment equipment that exposes a large number of organic solvents and effectively adsorbed pores in the atmosphere and exhaust gas to the surface and deodorizes. Because the structure of high-performance activated carbon fiber (ACF) adsorbent is fibrous and its outer surface area is very large, it can recover odor harmful substances. Therefore, high-performance activated carbon fiber (ACF) has the characteristics of very fast speed and very high adsorption capacity.


  • Lightweight structure and high efficiency

Comparing ACF and granular activated carbon in the equipment, the adsorbent has the ability to handle 1/20 to 1/100 of the filling volume.

  • The recovered solvent is of high quality

Due to the short evaporation time of water vapor (5 to 6 minutes), high-quality solvents with less thermal influence can be recovered.

  • Economical and energy-saving

The adsorption chamber can be switched completely automatically and continuously. Because desorption consumes a certain amount of steam and cooling water, it is equipped with a small steam boiler and cooling tower.

  • High security

The thickness of the adsorption layer is about 1/5 to 1/10 of that of granular activated carbon, so there is no adsorption heat and it is safe.

  • easy to use

The adsorption and desorption functions can be switched automatically in a short period of time, and the solvent recovery device can be stopped at any time according to the production site conditions.

Applicable solvent:

Trichloroethylene, HCFCs, dioxymethane, tetrachloroethylene, carbon tetrachloride, EDC, trichloromethane, ethane,
Heptane, toluene, xylene, diluents, methanol, ethanol, IPA, butane, acetone, MEK, MIBK,
Ethyl acetate, heptyl acetate and other organic solvents and mixed solvents.

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