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So far, VOC catalytic treatment has generally used platinum (Pt) catalysts.

Developed in Japan, this catalyst is a new type of catalyst that does not use precious metals (Pt). Due to the use of cobalt and cerium oxides, it has many characteristics superior to platinum (Pt) catalysts in VOC treatment.




· It has the same processing capacity as platinum (Pt) catalyst, and the price is very cheap because no precious metal is used.

· Has the ability to decompose ethyl acetate, etc. beyond platinum (Pt) catalysts.



· It has high grease resistance and can be burnt because it has good durability up to 700℃.

· It has higher resistance to silicon poisons than Pt catalysts.

· Chlorinated methanol, 1,2-dichloroethylene, chlorobenzaldehyde, and carbon tetrachloride, which cannot be treated by platinum (Pt) at present, can also be oxidatively decomposed.



·Platinum (Pt) catalyst needs to be cleaned with alkali or acid, this new catalyst can be cleaned with pure water.

The platinum (Pt) catalyst needs to be destroyed after reaching its service life. The catalyst can be regenerated by overcoating to achieve the same effect as the new product, thereby reducing operating costs.

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