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At present, the varieties of steel plates, coils, slabs, billets, sections, pipes, building materials and other products are increasingly diversified. With the automation of logistics and rationalization of configuration, information stamping in stock management has become indispensable. The manual printing method has disadvantages such as harsh operating environment, error-prone printing, and low operating efficiency. Therefore, the automatic printing method has become a commonly used method today.
Nireco has developed various printing devices for various printing objects, which are suitable for many fields such as logistics management and product management. In addition, all models can be connected with the host computer, and have a wealth of self-diagnosis functions, safe and reliable design.

+ inkjet printer
  The working principle is to use the X-Y table to make the nozzle move with the shape of the character, and open and close the nozzle while moving to spray paint, so as to achieve the purpose of printing.

+ dot matrix printer
  A matrix model of 7 dots x 5 dots is determined in advance for each character, and 7 nozzles arranged in one column move in parallel with the target material, and spray paint onto each dot to form a character from the dots.

+ laser printer
  Print directly on the side or end of the thick plate on the production line. Take advantage of extensive experience and know-how in the steel industry, both cold and hot.

+ Engraving and marking machine
  It can play a considerable role in printing the management number in production management. Not only various numbers, English, symbols, but also two-dimensional barcodes can be freely engraved.



feature character size Printing speed Number of nozzles print media printing material Material temperature
inkjet printer H20×W15mm or more 1 letter/0.7 seconds (H30mm) 1 ink paint Slab / Billet
1100 degrees
Dot matrix printer H55×W40mmor more 2 to 2.5 characters/sec* 5/7/9 optional water-based paint Slab / Billet
Reel / Wide and heavy plate
laser printer 2-110mmor more 50 characters/3.5 seconds (H4.5mm) 1 Water-based paint (primer) Billet/Wide and Thick Plate
Bar/reel strapping
Engraving and marking machine 1-15mmor more 10 characters/2.2 seconds (H3mm) 1 direct engraving Wide and heavy plate/bar piping 300degrees
Note: * Scanning speed
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