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The flame cleaning machine is a device that treats the surface defects of continuous casting slabs, billets or ingots by thermochemical oxidation reaction with oxygen and gas. In addition to removing defects on the surface of the material, the equipment can also remove the decarburized layer or other impure substances produced by the heating of the material surface, so as to improve the quality and yield of the material surface.
Facing the ever-increasing quality requirements, the previous manual cleaning methods have been unable to meet the quality stability and high-efficiency cleaning requirements. Flame cleaning is the most economical cleaning method. It can not only improve the quality of the final product, but also achieve high-efficiency production. It can also improve the harsh working environment during manual cleaning and eliminate the instability caused by manual cleaning. Ensure that the final product has high quality and high added value.

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* The width range is a reference value, if necessary, please contact our company directly.
** When the CM-98 flame cleaning machine is in use, the cleaning burners can be individually controlled to realize the local cleaning function.

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*As of June 2010

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