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High performance stainless steel belt

High strength precipitation hardening martensite

KSP SUPER HARD stainless steel strip SUS630 equivalent



● It is most suitable for steel strips that require high strength and high hardness.

● Welded parts and base metal have the same strength.

● High anti-fatigue strength to meet the requirements of long service life.

● KSP-SUPER HARD steel belt is ferromagnetic body.

● In high-strength materials, it is the most ideal mirror steel belt with high-quality grinding effect.


■  Steel strip hardness                                                                               ■  Fatigue strength

The welded part of KSH(A) is treated with RA to achieve the same strength as the base metal.

E: elastic coefficient (kgf/mm2) P: steel belt tension (kg) D: pulley diameter (MM)

B: Steel strip width (MM) t: Steel strip thickness (MM)



Film, printed circuit board, PP board, rubber sheet and other products

※The specifications and performance of KSP SUPER HARD and NAS SUPER HARD are the same.


KSP HARD stainless steel strip SUS304 equivalent (general purpose)



After cold rolling, the austenitic stainless steel strip produced by a special process improves its mechanical strength and surface hardness, and at the same time has excellent corrosion resistance and surface quality.



Freezer, rubber sheets, gunpowder and other products.

※The specifications and performance of KSP HARD and NAS HARD are the same.





Product Category

Casting steel strip and device


It can continuously vulcanize and compact the surface of rubber sheets, resin sheets, etc.devices, especially in the case of high tension requirements on the steel strip,

KSP SUPER HARD is the best fit. By changing the caster rolls The spacing enables the shaping of the face.






Steel belt and device for double belt forming machine


It is by pressurizing, heating, and

A device for continuous forming and processing of plate products by cooling. pass Feed belts can use KSP SUPER when high tension is required HARD. Mirror-grinding specifications are also available.

The main purpose

Insulation materials (thermoplastic resins, composites, flooring materials, gypsum board, synthetic board, etc.) various film materials (nylon, vinyl chloride, rubber, polyurethane, etc.)







Refrigerator conveyor belts and devices


It is used for the cooling operation of continuous rapid freezing of fish, meat, processed products, ice cream and other products through the combined equipment of conveyor belt and freezer.


The main purpose

Meat (chicken, meat, ham, sausage, fish rolls, etc.), fish, vegetables, fruits, ice cream and other foods.








Continuous drying conveyor belt and device


A device that continuously heats and dries powder and granular substances on the conveyor belt in the furnace. As the heat source, methods such as hot air, heater, and steam can be selected according to the application.


The main purpose

Food (snacks, steamed buns, cakes, etc.) are continuously fired, and moisture-containing powders, copper sulfate, granules, chemical compounds, coatings, etc. are dried.








Conveyor and device for slice forming machine


For dissolved chemicals. Equipment for slicing synthetic resin, etc. after continuous cooling. The thickness of the sheet is easier to adjust than a barrel machine.


The main purpose

Resin cooling, chemicals (sulfur, resin, paint, etc.), coffee, chocolate, caramel, gelatin

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