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A test device for measuring residual stress on metal surfaces in a non-destructive manner.

1) Using the test point marking and CCD image plate method, the positioning is accurate and convenient. Positioning is completed within the height range of ±5mm.

2) Realize a quick test of 90 seconds/point.

3) Corresponding to the testing requirements of narrow parts.

4) X-ray single incident method is adopted, no goniometer is required.

5) Can observe all the data of the diffraction ring, and can observe the crystallinity of coarse grains, crystal orientations, etc. with images while stress testing.

6) Small and lightweight, it can be driven by batteries. Non-destructive testing in the field without cutting out large specimens and components.

7) 30kV·1mA X-ray output. Realize air cooling, low power consumption.


Purpose/Use Case

It is very suitable for process testing and analysis of products and accessories in the mechanical metal industry.

1) Residual stress test of industrial products (heat treatment, welding, etc.).

2) Residual stress test for surface treatment (shot peening).

3) Maintenance of equipment and infrastructure.

4) Research and development of machinery and materials


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