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Coatings for Plastics
-------Brand: Fujikura Chemical Co., Ltd., American Red Dot, British S&R

Purpose of coating
Light and small processing type excellent injection molding + coating
∥ ∥
Brilliant and colorful injection molding products

Decoration Visual and tactile value embodiment
Vacuum coating, metallic decoration, soft touch decoration
Protection Maintain product value
Hardcoat finish, anti-rust
Performance Add value to products that are not in the base material Function
Anti-bacterial, waterproof, anti-fog, protect the contents

<1> Introduction of automotive coatings
One-component water-based film inner paint


Features: Environmental protection coating suitable for PU injection molding
Application: Dashboard, Door Panel, Steering Wheel

Toluene/Xylene Free Solventborne Coatings
Features: low pollution, suitable for PP material
Application: Dashboard, door panel

One-component solvent-based paint
Features: suitable for soft TPO, quick drying
Application: air bag cover, etc.

Vacuum Coating Varnish EXP Series
Features: Instead of electroplating, soft material correspondence
Purpose: car logo (center position of steering wheel)

Varnish for water transfer
Features: Suitable for all kinds of water transfer (wood grain) films
Application: Wood grain appearance car cover, steering wheel trim

HAPs FREE Solvent-based Laser Engraving Decorative Paint<New Product>

Features: Suitable for ABS, PC, PS/ABS, laser engraving, low pollution (without toluene/xylene)
Uses: Operation buttons, decorative parts, knobs, etc.

Solvent-based two-component
Features: Suitable for ABS, PC, PS/ABS, laser engraving, low pollution (excluding toluene/xylene), the largest domestic performance
Uses: Operation buttons, decorative parts, knobs, etc.
Main customers of automotive coatings: GM, TOYOTA, FORD, CHRYSLER, VW, NISSAN, HONDA, MAZDA

<2> Introduction of coatings for home appliances-----vacuum coating coatings
Coatings for communication equipment, mobile home appliances, cosmetic containers, etc.

UV drying vacuum coating

Materials used: ABS, PC, PC/ABS, ABS/GF, nylon

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